About us

We have been greatly interested in Food and Nutrition for a very long time. One of our favorite hobbies is baking and cooking delicious and appealing food. The great part is also we get to eat it and share it with friend and family. Food that tastes good, without care of goes into it, and how it is prepared, can have adverse health effects.
We all know we need to eat more healthily, but it is hard in this day and age. It seems as if the news and even the medical community contradict themselves. What are we to do? How can we make sense of all this?
We here at Reasonable Nutrition would like to be a good source and even a guide down this path. We are constantly reading the News, blogs, and research studies to find the common links to good health and nutrition. We aim to make this journey fun and reasonable. There are a great deal of unreasonable options out there. Extreme diets and practices that just beat you down. Everyone can have their own process and if it works for you, then fine. However, if you are looking for something practical and reasonable, then here we are! We look at all the options out there and compare them to historical methods to see if they hold up, plus our own experience as well.
Enjoy, friends! Have a look around and feedback is always welcome. (Just be respectful, please).